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DandD Miniature Underdark 34-60 Dolgaunt Monk U


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D&D Miniatures: Underdark

You get 1 x miniature as listed in the title per

Condition: As these models are pre-painted, fully
assembled, durable plastic and are now out of print and getting hard to source
the miniatures supplied may not always be in a bag and sealed. However all
models are checked prior to sending and will be in Very good or better
condition if not new. In most instances they will come with statistic cards, if
they are not available you will be advised.

If at any time you are unhappy with any miniature
received please feel free to contact us immediately and we will endeavour to
resolve this to your satisfaction.

Underdark Checklist
Wizards of the Coast, Inc.
(Released November 3, 2005
60 Figures Total
LG: 13
CG: 15
LE: 10
CE: 22
LG/LE: 6
CG/CE: 2
Any: 1
9Epic Rare
NumberModel NameCostFactionLevelRarity
01Battle Plate Marshal43LG12
02Dwarf Ancestor49LG10
03Earth Shugenja17LG5
04Githzerai Monk34LG9
05Gold Dwarf Soldier17LG8
06Half-Orc Paladin48LG10
07Lantern Bearer12LG4
08Loyal Earth Elemental34LG8
09Epic Marut191LG10
10Medium Silver Dragon52LG10
11Royal Guard10LG3
12Slayer of Domiel46LG12
13Aspect of Kord65CG10
13Epic Aspect of Kord208CG11
14Dromite Wilder39CG6
15Elf Stalker15CG5
16Elminster of Shadowdale100CG12
16Epic Elminster of Shadowdale269CG20
18Half-Ogre Barbarian25CG5
19Halfling Sneak5CG1
20Nentyar Hunter47CG8
21Rikka, Angelic Avenger31CG5
21Epic Rikka, Angelic Avenger143CG12
23Spirit Folk Fighter19CG4
24Wizard Tactician27CG5
25Iron Golem61LG/LE10
25Epic Iron Golem266LG/LE14
26Epic Justicator163LG/LE12
27Mercenary Sergeant23LG/LE4
29Monitor Lizard6Any3
31Xen’drik Champion23CG/CE9
32Artemis Entreri89LE10
32Epic Artemis Entreri215LE15
33Dark Naga41LE9
34Dolgaunt Monk14LE6
35Duergar Champion33LE10
36Half-Orc Executioner23LE5
37Helmed Horror45LE10
38Kobold Miner3LE1
39Skeletal Equiceph13LE4
40Troglodyte Captain53LE6
41Epic Balor326CE13
42Dark Creeper8CE1
43Death Slaad53CE10
43Epic Death Slaad202CE12
44Dire Bat12CE4
46Drow Arachnomancer52CE9
47Drow Arcane Guard25CE7
48Gray Render62CE10
49Grimlock Barbarian28CE6
50Half-Fiend Ogre41CE5
51Hunched Giant48CE10
52Large Deep Dragon67CE10
53Lolth’s Sting7CE4
54Mounted Drow Patrol27CE7
55Orc Skeleton5CE1
57Spider of Lolth9CE3
58Swarm of Spiders15CE2
59Troglodyte Barbarian24CE4
60Winter Wolf24CE6


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