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Games: Liberators 

30-60 Mins 3-6 players Ages 12+


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In Liberatores: The Conspiracy to Liberate Rome, players are senators that are part of the “Liberatores” — secret conspirators of ancient Rome, whose main goal is to kill Julius Caesar.

There are three roles: an Agent who wants to save Caesar, some Republicans who want to restore democracy to the Roman Republic, and a Competitor who wants to kill Caesar so he can take over and rule Rome as the next dictator. Players must take one of three main actions on every turn: bribe a citizen to increase the influence of the “Liberatores”; hire a citizen to use their special benefits; or send a citizen to Caesar for income, an action that will increase Caesar’s influence. (Note that this is the only way of gaining money in this game.) You may also hire a servant and send it to other players if you think he is the Agent or Competitor; if you guessed right, then their influence will be lowered when the game ends.

The game ends after seven rounds. Roles will be revealed, and if the Caesar team has more influence, then the assassination fails and the Agent wins. If the “Liberatores” team has more influence, then Caesar is killed and Republicans win…. but if the Competitor has more personal influence than other Republicans, then he becomes the next dictator and wins.


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