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Games: Necromunda 2017 Campaign Territory Cards


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Games: Necromunda 2017 Campaign Territory Cards

  45-60 min       2 or more players      Ages 12+

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Games: Necromunda 2017 Campaign Territory Cards

Power in the Underhive is more than a gun in a ganger’s hand. It is reputation, it is coin, and it is the worth of the ground you can call your own. For gangs that wish for more than bloodshed, that wish not just for infamy, but to rise from the ashes and ruins to something greater, dominion over the soul and iron of the hive is everything. 

The Necromunda Dominion campaign system is based around gangs fighting battles for control of territory. Possession of territories grants boons – income, special tactics, equipment or even recruits – to your gang. This set of cards describes 26 available territories, as outlined in Gang War 4, detailing their special rules and boons granted during games: 

– 3 Van Saar territories;
– 3 Escher territories;
– 3 Cawdor territories;
– 3 Orlock territories;
– 3 Goliath territories;
– 3 Delaque territories;
– 8 territories usable by any gang.

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