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Games: Necromunda 2017 Leaders Accessory Pack


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Games: Necromunda 2017 Leaders Accessory Pack

  45-60 min       2 or more players      Ages 12+

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Games: Necromunda 2017 Leaders Accessory Pack

Make the logistics of running games of Necromunda just that little bit easier with this set of handy gaming accessories. Markers for various statuses, cards detailing core scenarios for you to play, blank gang rosters – they’re all here. Included:

– A handy quick reference guide to Necromunda: Underhive, listing essential rules, round and phase sequences, along with all the core actions a fighter can perform;
– A pad of 50 blank gang rosters;
– 12 Scenario cards detailing the core scenarios from the Necromunda: Underhive boxed game, covering Zone Mortalis and Sector Mechanicus terrain;
– A sheet of double-sided tokens to indicate in-game effects and the status of fighters throughout a game. Includes:
– 13 loot markers;
– 8 general markers ;
– 6 web/intoxicated markers;
– 6 photon flash/concussion markers;
– 6 insanity markers;
– 6 gas/smoke markers;
– 8 revealed/hidden markers;
– 8 wound counters ;
– 8 ready/broken markers;
– A Graviton Pulse marker;
– A 40mm vision arc template.

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